An Evaluation for Filmmakers

admin Animation, Blog operates as a gateway to short independent films and videos. The contents on the website include independent films, commercials, parody videos and animation. Acting reels, music videos and demo tapes are also accepted. The website has a resources section that includes a list of various links to film related publications and websites.

Independent filmmakers can submit their films to be included on The website offers an opportunity for video creators to show their work on the internet. Visitors can watch a variety of videos ranging from short films to vintage commercials. The majority of the videos are very short in length. This allows viewers to browse through many video clips at a time.

Quality of Video
The viewing quality on is satisfactory, depending on the video. Some films and videos are showcased with good quality, while others look dark and grainy. There is an watermark on the side of each video. also has their own animated logo that plays for a few seconds, prior to the start of each video clip. All videos are streamed in Quicktime. Viewers must have the Quicktime plug-in to be able to watch the video clips.

The video window size is very small when viewing many of the video clips. claims that it is an “internet film community”, that was designed to appeal to a wide variety of people, including film distributors. The video review option does not have a working link. This disables the viewer from being able to leave a comment on a particular video. Some of the videos do not play, even when the Quicktime plug-in is installed.

The website is covered with numerous advertisements from Google and These advertisements are placed on the homepage as well as every other page on the website. This includes advertisements that surround the video window on each viewing page. Viewers are inundated with advertisements while watching video clips. This creates an unpleasant viewing experience. There are also Paypal buttons placed around the site. encourages visitors to donate at least 50 cents in order to keep the website in operation. has made a nice effort in creating a location where video creators can show their work. However, the website appears to be unorganized and lacking a distinctive direction. The Paypal buttons coupled with lots of advertisements gives off the impression that the administrators are looking for a quick buck. If that is not the circumstance, the website managers could be trying to maintain the online presence of Calling the website a community is not in tune with the site itself. The word “Community” offers the chance of interacting with others. There is no online forum, chat room, instant messaging or any other way for people to interact on this website. is in need of a serious makeover.

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