Stolen Moments (Prudence Liew album)

Stolen Moments

Studio album by Prudence Liew

July 6, 2012[1]


Cantopop, Jazz, cover album, audiophile



Prudence Liew
Alex Fung
Jerald Chan

Prudence Liew chronology

Love Addict
偷 Stolen Moments

Singles from 偷 Stolen Moments

“怪你過份美麗 (Blaming You For Being Too Beautiful) / 戀愛大過天 (Loving is More Important Than the Sky) / 烈燄紅唇 (Red Hot Lips)”
Released: June 1, 2012

偷 Stolen Moments is the 15th studio album by Hong Kong singer Prudence Liew. This is the second in a series of three cover albums to be released by Liew in three different languages: the Mandarin album Love Addict was previously released in June 2011, and an untitled English album that has yet to be released.[2]


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Album information[edit]
The reasoning behind naming the album “偷 Stolen Moments” is actually explained on the cover of the album:

偷是兩個字的組成 人和俞 俞者:安定,允許,愉快
([The Chinese character] “steal” is a combination of two different characters: “person” and “enjoy”. A person who is enjoying is stable, accepting, happy. When a person stands in the realm of stability, acceptance and happiness, who would resist that feeling? And therefore [the person] will naturally fall in love with stealing.)
— Prudence Liew, Stolen Moments album cover, Universal Music Hong Kong, July 2012

Liew stated that she immensely enjoyed the recording session, hence a person and enjoyment combined together to form the Chinese character “steal”. In the liner notes, Liew explained that in the process of covering another person’s work, besides paying the royalty fees to the record companies, no permissions were granted by the original artists, composers, and lyricists, and therefore is a form of stealing from their artistic moments.[3]
Of the ten songs on the album, a more pop version of “左右手 (My Left and Right Hands)” was previously included on the Leslie Cheung tribute album, ReImagine Leslie Cheung released by Universal Music Hong Kong earlier in the year. The first printing of this album had the compact discs pressed in Germany at Arvato Bertels