Castlemaine Brewery, Western Australia

Castlemaine Brewery

Alcoholic beverage


Howard Newman Sleigh (Sleigh and Co.)


East Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia


Swan Brewery

The Castlemaine Brewery was opened in 1896 by Howard Norman Sleigh[1] at Riverside Road in East Fremantle, Western Australia[2] and boasted a successful trading history until 1927 when the company was taken over by the Swan Brewery.


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The brewery in the 1900s

The Castlemaine Brewery was established in 1896 by Howard Norman Sleigh, with John Hugh Gracie (1855-1927) as head brewer. Gracie, who was born in Tasmania, was the chief brewer at Cascade Brewery prior to moving to Western Australia.[3] In 1901 the Castlemaine Brewery was purchased by Gracie and Walter Frederick Walkley (1872-1936).[4][5] In 1906 they purchased the nearby Phoenix Brewery.[6][7] In 1910 Walkley returned to South Australia.[8] In 1912 Gracie, the managing director of Castlemaine, retired.[3] Castlemaine acquired a number of local hotels, including the Commercial[9] and Beaconsfield Hotels in 1920,[10] the Oddfellows Hotel in 1922,[11] and the Richmond Hotel in 1925.[12][13]
In 1927 the Castlemaine Brewery Co. was purchased by the Swan Brewery[14] for £29,065 and 32,500 Swan Brewery shares.[15] Swan subsequently closed the brewery, employing the majority of the workforce at the Perth operations.[16]
The former brewery building was demolished to make way for the construction of the Stirling Traffic Bridge, linking Fremantle to North Fremantle.

Castlemaine Bitter Ale
Penguin Pale Ale
Invalid Stout

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